The 2009 annual National Management Conference of the Nigerian Institute of Management comes at a particularly critical period for our nation's economic development.

Over the years, the Institute has made an astounding success of delivering on its core mandate of developing, regulating, and controlling management practice in all its ramifications especially since becoming chartered. Through initiatives like the Strategic Partnership Programme with the NYSC which offers tuition free management training to Youth Corpers during their  service year, and the Top Executive Leadership Training  programme for leaders in both the Public and Private Sectors, the Nigerian Institute of Management has continued to demonstrate its critical relevance to sustained growth and development in Nigeria.

The Conference theme, Managing Post Petroleum Nigeria: The Critical Imperatives, is most apposite in view of the imperative for diversification of Nigeria's revenue base within the context of the high volatility of the price of crude oil, the on-going global economic crisis, and their implications for macrooeconomic stability, economic growth and sustainable development in our country.

Nigeria as a country is endowed with great potentials for wealth creation and greatness. However, corruption at all levels and mismanagement of our resources for many years have combined to rob us of maximal benefits from our national endowments.

If we are to deliver on our promise to reduce poverty; strive towards attaining the Millennium Development Goals; and rigorously pursue the Seven-Point Agenda and Vision 20-2020, we need to redefine our irnpertives and refocus our management priorities.

This is where your Institute comes in. It is my hope that this Conference will provide a platform for properly interrogating all the variables to the requisite reorientation which our nation needs at this point in time. You can be assured that the Federal Government will give recommendations that will come out from your deliberations; especially with respect to alternative revenue sources and entrenching international best management practices at all levels of governance.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I must place on record our debt of gratitude to the Nigerian Institute of Management for its consistent contribution to Nigeria's growth and development. I assure you of our Administration's continued support as you partner with us in our national transformation efforts.

While wishing you a most successful forum, it is my singular honour to formally declare the 2009 annual National Management Conference open.

Thank you and God bless you all.