General Services Department

The Department of General Services (DGS) is charged with the responsibility of providing services of general nature to the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF) as a whole. Specially, the Department is responsible for policy issues, upkeep of Presidential Aides and former Heads of State, Committees and Commissions matters, provision of common utilities to the OSGF and maintenance of the Federal Secretariat Complex, Phase I, and the Shhu Shagari Complex.


The Department is structured into four (4) Divisions as follows: -

  • General Services Division;
  • Affairs of former Heads of State and Protocol Matters Division; 
  • Committees and Commissions Divisions;
  • Maintenance; and
  •  Parastatals Division.


The General Services Division is charged with the responsibility of providing common services including security to the entire OSGF, as well as Presidential Aides. It also processes policy issues referred to it. The Division is charged with the responsibility of providing common services to the entire OSGF as follows:- 

  • Processing of Policy issues as may be referred to the Division; 
  • Processing of matters affecting Presidential Aides and other Political Office Holders 
  • Store Administration and supervision of the Stores 
  • Provision of working materials and equipment to Presidential Aides, Offices, Department, etc; 
  • Processing the payment of all utility bills 
  • Transport Administration i.e. control and maintenance of utility pool vehicles; 
  • Proposal for procurement of essential office equipment and store items; viii. Repair and servicing of bad and nonfunctional equipment, including vehicles; ix. etc.

The AFHS/P Division is comprised of two branches namely: The Affairs of the former Heads of State Branch and the Protocol Matters Branch. The AFHS branch is responsible for the following:

  • catering for the welfare of former Heads of States/Presidents, Vice Presidents/Chiefs of General Staff and the families of deceased first and second citizens;
  • liaising between the former leaders and Government officials;
  • processing payment of pension and allowances of the former leaders as well as the up-keep allowances of the families of deceased Heads of State and deceased Vice Presidents;
  • processing Annual Medical check-up and vacation abroad for all the former first and second citizens at Government expense;
  • facilitating the attendance of Council of State Meetings and other state functions for the former Presidents/Heads of State;
  • reservation of hotel accommodation for the former leaders in Abuja when on official assignment;
  • provision of transportation facility for the former leaders every four years.

The Protocol Matters branch is tasked with the following functions:-

  • processing of requests for official passports by MDAs and Political Office Holders in line with extant guidelines;
  • processing of requests for issuance or renewal of Diplomatic Passports to entitled Government Officials and other deserving citizens in line with extant guidelines;
  • processing and procurement of visas and other consular services for the Staff of the OSGF and Presidential Aides;
  • provision of Protocol Services for Retreat, Conferences/ Seminars, Committees, Commissions and Panels set up by Government;
  • reservation of hotel accommodation for Government Guests;
  • provision of protocol service to former Heads of State, etc
  • Facilitation of the activities of the Nigeria Inter-Religious Council (NIREC).

The mandate and core activities of the Division revolve around the following: -

  • Facilitating the constitution or setting up of Committees and Commissions by processing and making recommendations on their composition for consideration;
  • Keeping, maintaining and updating records of all Committees and Commissions of Inquiry/Panels set up by the Government;
  • Keeping, maintaining and updating inventory of such assets as motor vehicles, Office Equipment, Computer etc allocated, assigned and/or procured by the various Committees/Commissions/Panels etc;
  • Recovering for safe-keeping, future use, and or re-assignment of assets of Committees and Commissions that have completed their assignment;
  • Acting as custodian of Committees reports and relevant government White Papers;
  • Monitoring the Implementation of Government White Papers on the reports of Committees/Commissions/Panels etc and provide periodic reports on same to Government;
  • Analyzing and Processing Reports produced by Committees, Panels, Tribunals, Commissions, etc;
  • Representing the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation in Presidential Committees and providing Secretariat support services.
  • Processing and monitoring the implementation of Government White Papers on the Reports of Committees, Panels, Tribunals, Commissions, etc and providing periodic reports on same to Government;
  • Processing request for nominees to represent the OSGF on Committees Panels, Tribunals, Commissions as may be directed;
  • Providing oversight on activities of Committees and Commissions vote or through AIEs issued by the Federal Ministry of Finance;

The Parastatals Division was established to perform oversight functions on Parastatals and Agencies that are under the supervision of the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF).

  • Handling of matters pertaining to Federal Government Parastatals under the supervision of the OSGF;
  • Obtaining, analyzing and evaluating performance reports from Parastatals and Agencies;
  • Monitoring to ensure timely implementation of policies and programmes including Annual Budgets of the Parastatals under the supervision of the OSGF among others

The Maintenance Division comprises two main branches namely: Mechanical/Electrical Branch and Building Branch. The functions of the Maintenance Divisions are as follows:

  • Comprehensive maintenance of the Federal Secretariat, Phase I, Abuja which includes the repair and/or the replacement of damaged electrical, mechanical as well as building components incorporated into the Complex;
  • Comprehensive maintenance of P-Wing of the Shehu Shagari Complex which includes repairs/replacement of damaged electrical/mechanical as well as building components incorporated into the Complex;
  • Proper supervision of the lifts and generator’s maintenance Contractors;
  • Supervision of the General Cleaning and Fumigation Contractors;
  • Supervision of Landscaping Contractor;
  • General analysis of relevant technical reports; and
  • Carrying out ad-hoc assignments.