Planning, Research and Statistics

The Department of Planning, Research and Statistics (PRS) is one of the three common service Departments established in the Federal Civil Service by Decree No. 43 of 1988. As the name implies, the Department is responsible for corporate and strategic planning, conducting research activities and keeping statistical data and information in the Federal Civil Service. The PRS Department in the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF) also processes applications for overseas trips as well as overseas medical treatment for political office holders and ensure that appropriate estacode rates are approved for payment to Public Officers undertaking such trips. The Department manages information resources including the maintenance of ICT equipment and equally handles policy issues as may be referred to it. 

For the effective discharge of its mandate, the Department as presently composed is sub-divided into three divisions namely:-

  • Planning Division;
  • Research and Statistics Division; and
  • Information Communication Technology (ICT).


The Planning Division is charged with the following responsibilities:

  • Development Plan (Rolling, Medium and Perspective);
  • Monitoring and evaluation of plan implementation;
  • Formulating the procedures for monitoring the activities of Parastatals under the supervision of OSGF;
  • Servicing Ad-hoc Committees set up by the President;
  • Collation and production of quarterly and annual reports of Offices and Parastatals under the supervision of OSGF;
  • Serving as the think-tank for OSGF; and
  • Liaising with relevant bodies outside the OSGF on policy and planning matters.

The main functions of the Division include the following:

  • Research into the internal organization and operational modalities of OSGF and its Parastatals;
  • Research into policy options of Government;
  • Processing applications for foreign travels for training programmes and medical check-up for public officers;
  • Collation and compilation of statistics for the annual report for OSGF and all Parastatals within its purview;
  • Collation and compilation of data and statistics relating to OSGF;
  • Study of project/programme proposals from MDAs and advising Government appropriately;
  • Compiling data in conjunction with the Federal Ministry of Finance indicating the quantum of outflow of foreign travels by public officers; and
  • Relating with relevant agencies outside the OSGF on research and statistics matters.

The main functions of the ICT Division are enumerated hereunder:

  • Advise the SGF on ICT policies of the Federal Government;
  • Advise on the procurement of computer systems and general information technology and communication infrastructure in OSGF;
  • Installation, maintenance and repairs of computer infrastructure in OSGF;
  • Design, develop and maintain OSGF website;
  • Automate all processes within OSGF;
  • Ensure the implementation of e-Governance within OSGF and Servive wide;
  • Develop and implement a robust e-Governance strategy that will encourage citizen participation;
  • Design, implement and maintain the network (LAN, WLAN, WiMAX & VPN) in OSGF, Federal Secretariat Phase 1 and all other buildings under the control of OSGF;
  • Provision and maintenance of internet services;
  • Provide a central ICT support services for the entire OSGF;
  • Design, develop and maintain OSGF’s virtual Library;
  • Provide technical support for the implementation of integrated Personnel Payroll and Information System (IPPIS) in OSGF; (
  • Organise and conduct intensive In-house ICT training programmes for the staff of OSGF; and
  • Assist and advice on the supervision of ICT related matters of Agencies under the supervision of OSGF.