States and Local Government Affairs

The Department assists in promoting intergovernmental relations amongst all tiers of government by providing avenues for close dialogue and collaboration on issues of mutual national importance, as well as cascading policies, programmes and agenda of government. It removes all areas of friction between the Federal, States and Local Governments and recommends to the Federal Government whenever necessary, appropriate guidelines for common activities in the States and Local Governments.


  • Responsible for the organization of the quarterly forum of SGF with SSGs as a platform for policy initiation and implementation on critical issues affecting governance;
  • Organizes capacity programmes for the Chief Executives (Chairmen) and other functionaries of the Local Governments through the utilization of 1% training fund under the custody of 36 Chairmen of Local Government Service Commission in the 36 States and FCT;
  • Ensure that States and Local Governments fulfill their statutory obligations to each other;
  • Examines and takes appropriate actions on petitions and complaints brought before it by States and Local Governments;
  • Serves as a repository of data on States and Local Governments for developmental planning, policy formulation and measurement;
  • Facilitates capacity building through linkages with international donor agencies to update the officials of States and Local Governments with international best practices;
  • Relates with international agencies such as:
    • International Local Governments and Cities Management Congress – Nairobi, Kenya
    • Commonwealth of Local Government Forum (CLGF)
    • Afri-cities (iv) UNDP(v) IULA(vi) UNICEF
    • SDGs
    • USAID, etc
  • Promotes harmonious fiscal federalism;
  • Serves as the organ through which the States and Local Governments access United Nations, Specialized Agencies, national and international bodies;
  • Attends the monthly Federation Accounts Allocation Committee (FAAC) meetings on behalf of the 774 Local Government Areas;
  • Ensures physical monitoring of performances of the Local Governments through periodic visits to access activities and problems, verifying the effective utilization of the 1% statutory pension allocation to them;
  • Handles matters relating to scheme of Service for Local Governments Employees;
  • Handles matters relating to Financial Memoranda for Local Government Employees; and
  • Relates with other pressure groups that have linkages with local government administration such as ALGON, NULGE, NCTRN ,etc.