Economic Monitoring, Multilateral and Research

The Department of Economic Monitoring, Multilateral & Research (EMMR) is mandated to serve as a strategic vehicle for monitoring the Implementation of Government’s economic policies and programmes in order to ensure effective and efficient service delivery to the public. Multilateral Relations and Research activities also form part of the mandate of the Department.


  • Initiates measures aimed at effective implementation of Government economic policies
  • Provides an in-house mini think-tank on economic issues for SGF’s office
  • Monitors capital projects and economic programmes of special interest to the SGF
  • Monitors the economic performance of the various sectors of the economy
  • Evaluates Government programmes/projects and make appropriate policy recommendations
  • Engages in macro-economic analysis
  • Carries out research in key industries (having high linkage effects) in the economy
  • Prepares reports on selected Federal Government projects, as may be directed by the SGF
  • Undertakes special studies and investigations as may be directed by the SGF on the economic policies of Government
  • Relates with economic research-oriented Agencies/Institutions
  • Assembles socio-economic reports from other Agencies, e.g. the Federal Ministry of Finance, National Planning Commission, Central Bank of Nigeria, etc. and
  • Handles relations with multilateral Organizations, including the World Bank Group (IBRD, IDA, IFAD, UNIDO and WTO), relevant United Nations Programmes (UNDP, UNCTAD, WFP), specialized Agencies/Commissions (ILO, FAO, ECA) and non-United Nations Multilateral Organizations.