Law Reports


The laws of the Federation of Nigeria were revised and consolidated pursuant to The Revised Edition (Laws of the Federation of Nigeria) Decree 1990. The laws in force as of the 31st day of January 1990 - that is to say, the several enactments and subsidiary legislation - were subsequently published in 471 Chapter bound in 24 Volumes. These laws are styled "Acts". The work was done by the Law Revision Committee led by the late Honourable Mr. Justice George Baptist Ayodola Coker, Retired Justice of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

Nigeria had military rule until the 29th day of May 1999 and the Legislation - main and subsidiary - made from year to year by the military were styled "Decrees". These decrees are part of the laws of the Federation of Nigeria. Laws made since the 29th day of May 1999 are also styled "Acts".

International Centre for Nigerian Law has compiled the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria 2000being an alphabetical index of the enactments and subsidiary legislation made from 1990 to the 31st day of December 2000 that are still in force.

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